Sunset Ridge Top Sessions by North Birch Grove are an amazing way to kick start spring and your weekend!

A.V is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience creating images, particularly those of fellow outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the great outdoors.

A.V has an eye for capturing the love others have for nature, the mountains + each other and their dogs! Check out her images HERE!

Hop in the car and cruise the road to Kananaskis! Park your car, put on your hiking boots, hit the trail with me and we will soon be at the perfect spot to experience sunset!

Your session will be the perfect length and best of all unique! These sessions are each 50-minutes, so they’re perfect for adventurous couples, groups of friends (maximum of 6), families (maximum of 6) and folks with their dogs who have hiking experience and want to capture their love for the outdoors! 


• Each session is $350 +gst.

• 50 minutes of time in front of the camera.

• About a week after your shoot, you will be emailed a proof gallery of 65-85 images to check out!

• 8 fully-edited, high-resolution digital images  of your choice that you can print + share with everyone! are included in your session. 

• Additional edited images of your choice are available for $25 each, or $150 for all of the images provided in the proof gallery!

• If your group is larger than 4 people but less than 6, an additional charge of $25 per person will be added to your invoice. (please make a note in the comments section at check out letting me know how large your group is)

• No additional charges apply for dogs!! **Your dog(s) must be on leash at all times.


These Sunset Ridgetop Sessions will be along King Creek Ridge in Kananaskis (approx 1 hour 50 minutes from Calgary) and are by appointment only.

You are responsible for arriving at the designated parking lot at least 10 minutes prior to your session commencing to be checked in, briefed + allow ample time to hike to the location. (545pm arrival to parking lot)

We must leave the parking lot no later than 6:00pm for sunset at 9:45pm.
 Your time in front of the camera will run for a total of 50 minutes from 7:55-9:45pm.


You must be comfortable hiking approximately 7km return with an elevation gain one way of 730m on a steep hiking trail in the Canadian Rockies . We will be descending this trail at dusk, and you must be comfortable in your physical abilities to travel along steep descending terrain in low light.

Official Trail Name is: King Creek Ridge
Distance is: 7km return
Elevation Gain: 730m one way
Difficulty: Short n' Steep (majority of the elevation is gained in the first 2km of this trail)

More Information: Hike #43 in Gillean Daffern's K Country Trail Guide Vol. 1


Once you have paid for your session, you will receive an email confirmation that includes directions to the parking lot, FAQ, waiver, and a list of what to bring.


Should inclement weather occur on July 19th 2019, and you are unable to attend the rescheduled date (which will be August 9th 2019), you will receive a refund of $300.00.


There is no cell service at the parking lot, so please plan accordingly.  If you are late, we will miss the sunset light and your session will start upon your arrival and its duration will be with what time is remaining. For example if you are 15 minutes late, your session on the ridge top will be 30 minutes long.   

No-shows will not be re-accommodated in any way, and you will not receive a refund or the opportunity to re-schedule.


With the exception of inclement weather, payments are non-refundable and your session cannot be rescheduled due to non-emergency personal matters.


By registering + paying for the chosen Portrait Session slot on July 19th 2019, you and everyone in your party are acknowledging the risks associated with outdoor travel, holding yourselves accountable for your own actions + the actions of nature.

With this acknowledgement through registering + paying for this Portrait Session on July 19th 2019 you agree that A.V Wakefield, all attendees (organizers + participants) of this Portrait Session cannot be held liable should something happen to you due to your own actions + or the actions of nature.

A waiver sent via email will be sent to you + everyone in your party and must be digitally signed prior to July 19th, 2019.  A paper copy of this waiver must be signed by everyone in your party upon your arrival to the mountainside.



Some of the sample photos have been taken on location at King Creek Ridge in late May, while others were taken at sunset in other locations. These images are shown to give you an idea of how our photos might look!

All sample photos have been taken by A.V Wakefield of North Birch Grove.

Your photos may not look exactly the same as those shown.


Coupons or discount codes of any kind cannot be used for Portrait Sessions, they are valid only for artwork and home decor items. 

Should you enter a coupon or discount code at checkout and proceed to complete your purchase, you will shortly receive an invoice from:

This invoice will be for the discount amount, and is due upon receipt.

You will also be charged a $15 administration fee on top of your invoice for a misuse of discount codes + coupons.



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